Yabancı Dizi Takvimi

Amerika başta olmak üzere tüm yabancı dizilerin yayın günlerini bu sayfadan takip edebilirsiniz. Aylık olarak tüm dizilerin takvimini burdan görebilirsiniz.

TarihDizi AdıBölümBölümün Adı
07.01.2015Pretty Little Liars (*)05×14Through a Glass, Darkly
07.01.2015New Girl04×12Shark
07.01.2015Person of Interest04×11If-Then-Else
07.01.2015Cougar Town06×01American Dream Plan B
08.01.2015The Mentalist (*)07×06Green Light
08.01.2015Modern Family06×11The Day We Almost Died
08.01.2015Hot In Cleveland06×08The Young and the Restless
08.01.2015American Horror Story04×11Magical Thinking
09.01.2015The Big Bang Theory (*)08×12The Space Probe Disintegration
09.01.2015Two and a Half Men (*)12×09Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Lyndsey
09.01.2015Elementary03×09The Eternity Injection
10.01.2015Glee06×01Loser Like Me
12.01.2015The Simpsons26×11The Musk Who Fell to Earth
12.01.2015Brooklyn Nine-Nine02×13Payback
12.01.2015Family Guy13×08Our Idiot Brian
12.01.2015Shameless (US)05×01Milk of the Gods
12.01.2015CSI: Crime Scene Investigation15×14Merchants of Menace
13.01.2015Mike & Molly (*)05×06The Last Temptation of Mike
13.01.2015Castle (2009)07×11Castle, P.I.
14.01.2015Pretty Little Liars (*)05×15Fresh Meat
14.01.2015New Girl04×13Coming Out
14.01.2015Person of Interest04×12Control-Alt-Delete
14.01.2015Cougar Town06×02Full Grown Boy
15.01.2015Criminal Minds10×11The Forever People
15.01.2015The Mentalist (*)07×07Little Yellow House
15.01.2015Modern Family06×12The Big Guns
15.01.2015It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia10×01The Gang Beats Boggs
15.01.2015Hot In Cleveland06×09Bad Boys
15.01.2015American Horror Story04×12Show Stoppers
16.01.2015Two and a Half Men (*)12×10Here I Come, Pants!
16.01.2015Elementary03×10Seed Money
17.01.2015Glee06×03Jagged Little Tapestry
17.01.2015Hart Of Dixie (*)04×02The Curling Iron
17.01.2015Helix02×01San Jose
19.01.2015The Simpsons26×12Bart’s New Friend
19.01.2015Shameless (US)05×02I’m the Liver
20.01.20152 Broke Girls (*)04×09And the Past and the Furious
20.01.2015The Originals (*)02×10Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire
20.01.2015Gotham (*)01×12What the Little Bird Told Him
20.01.2015Mike & Molly (*)05×07Support Your Local Samuel
20.01.2015Sleepy Hollow02×13Pittura Infamante
21.01.2015Pretty Little Liars (*)05×16Over a Barrel
21.01.2015Supernatural (*)10×10The Hunter Games
21.01.2015Justified06×01Fate’s Right Hand
21.01.2015Cougar Town06×03To Find a Friend
22.01.2015Arrow (*)03×10Left Behind
22.01.2015The 100 (*)02×09Remember Me
22.01.2015It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia10×02The Gang Group Dates
22.01.2015Hot In Cleveland06×10We Could Be Royals
22.01.2015American Horror Story04×13Curtain Call
23.01.2015The Big Bang Theory (*)08×13The Anxiety Optimization
23.01.2015The Vampire Diaries (*)06×11Woke Up With a Monster
23.01.2015Two and a Half Men (*)12×11For Whom the Booty Calls
24.01.2015Glee06×04The Hurt Locker (1)
24.01.2015Hart Of Dixie (*)04×03The Very Good Bagel
25.01.2015Black Sails02×01Season 2, Episode 1
26.01.2015Brooklyn Nine-Nine02×14Defense Rests
26.01.2015Family Guy13×09This Little Piggy
26.01.2015Shameless (US)05×03The Two Lisas
27.01.20152 Broke Girls (*)04×10And the Move-In Meltdown
27.01.2015The Originals (*)02×11Brotherhood of the Damned
28.01.2015Pretty Little Liars (*)05×17The Bin of Sin
28.01.2015Supernatural (*)10×11There’s No Place Like Home
28.01.2015Justified06×02Cash Game
28.01.2015Cougar Town06×04Waiting for Tonight
29.01.2015Suits04×11Enough Is Enough
29.01.2015The 100 (*)02×10Survival of the Fittest
29.01.2015It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia10×03Psycho Pete Returns
30.01.2015Grey’s Anatomy11×09Where Do We Go From Here
30.01.2015The Vampire Diaries (*)06×12Prayer For the Dying
30.01.2015Two and a Half Men (*)12×12A Beer-Battered Rip-Off
31.01.2015Glee06×05The Hurt Locker (2)
31.01.2015Hart Of Dixie (*)04×04Red Dye